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The world of Étienne

Several times people compare my work with some of my favorite artists. It is nice when people discover sources of inspiration in your own work, even if it is not always the intention. That's why I thought about highlighting the artists I look up to  in a small blog. Of course these artists are not the only source of inspiration and my fascination for science fiction, comics and Steampunk also plays a major role in the creation of my works. Not to forgetting the idea of ​​creating new things from forgotten and lost materials with a utopian look. These sources can also provide a nice post.
I will start with a few artists / persons whose work really appeals to me as a little boy. Then some artists who inspired me to start creating myself and afterwards I regularly post artists whose work I have met in the past 2/3 years through some research work, but which I now also follow with great admiration and always look forward to new work . As well as trends and ideas that I come across on my path.

but for the moment my blog is only available in dutch. (