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About the captain

Capt. Étienne Beaucoup is a Belgian upcycling artist and creates unique art objects, lamps and furniture with a retro-futuristic touch. Steampunk, dieselpunk, atompunk or raypunk are possible styles where you could catalog Etienne's work, but on the other hand this rather utopian shapes can not always be placed in a specific genre.

For his creations, he tries to use only recycled materials such as old metals, scrap wood, construction waste and other lost materials. A cracked expansion vessel, broken-out heating pipes, rusted-in motors, old roller shutters, a bag of PET bottles or a pot of old screws. For many people this waste is what they want to get rid of as quickly as possible. But for Capt. Étienne Beaucoup it is a pile of treasures. He makes a harmonious selection of recycled parts and lets the imaginative twists of his dreamworld flow through his hands to recreate new futuristic shapes with it. Through his work he tries to make it clear to the viewer that we see materials too quickly as lost and do not think enough about their potential.

For Captain Étienne Beaucoup, art does not only have to be "art", but these objects can also offer an added value for the location where they are put in. The lines between artistic work and utensil often fade into his work.

The captain is certainly intrested in commissioned work and to think along for creating unique industrial interiors or sculptures.

For all enquiries please get in touch via the contact page.

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