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Colonisation of Teegarden B

According to the Earth Similarity Index, Teegarden B is currently one of the most habitable exoplanets discovered outside our solar system with a score of 0.95 ESI. This planet is the closest planet of 2 to the star Teegarden. The planet has an orbital period of 4.91 days. The planet's minimum mass is one Earth mass and its circumference is most likely Earth-like. This means that it probably has an iron core and a rocky crust. There is also a good chance that liquid water can be found on this planet. At the moment we are  still guessin whether it has an atmosphere and what it consists of. If an atmosphere is present, there is a good chance that it consists of Hydrogen or Helium.

Teegarden B is located at a relatively short distance from Earth at a distance of 12 light years, so it is certainly a viable planet to investigate further in the near future.